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Pot pourri and dried flowers

Pot pourri making, dried flowers and home fragrance

Pot pourri and dried flowers to buy online, pot pourri making ingredients, recipes, hints and tips, home fragrance and more. Dried flowers, fruit and spices for craft and seasonal use. Pot pourri making is a growing pass time.

Pot pourri and dried flowers resources

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How to make your own potpourri

Which ingredients to buy
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Short cuts
Recipe ideas

Buy dried flowers and ingredients such as Dried lavender
Rose buds & petals.
Oils for enhancing the fragrance of your dried flower potpourri

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Ready made potpourri - we sell high quality pot pourri by Claremont & May. As well as pot pourri, try co-ordinating room sprays, Scented candles, Fragrance oils & Scented wooden balls.

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Dried Flowers Blog
for hints, tips and advice with all your dried flower projects such as potpourri making, lavender recipes & how to dry your own flowers.


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