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dried flower petals

Dried flower petals and potpourri ingredients

Dried flower petals for pot pourri making. Dried flower petals such as delphinium, cornflower and hydrangea, plus fruit and spices for craft and seasonal use. Ingredients to add colour or fragrance to your pot pourri such as intense blue cornflower petals or apple fragaranced chamomile.

Dried flower petals selection:

dried flower petals cornflowerCornflower petals. Tiny petals with an intense indigo colour but no fragrance (30g is enough for a few handfuls, a little goes along way!):

Cornflower petals - see inside shop for current prices.

Many of these dried flower petals also make beautiful confetti.

dried flower petals hydrangeaHydrangea flowers - sold as florets (4 petals with tiny stem). Quite expensive but premium quality and a little goes a long way. Great potpourri topper, up to 11 colours to choose from.

1 litre or one handful packs.

Selected colours of these dried flower petals are also available as hydrangea heads inside shop.

dried flower petals delphiniumDelphinium petals in two quality grades. Save money by buying second grade if it’s OK for the petals to be slightly dusty or wrinkly, e.g. mixed with other petals.

Premium quality dried flower petals from 9.99 a litre
Second quality dried flower petals from 8.99 a litre

Many more dried flower petals - see dried rose buds, dried rose petals, dried lavender, dried chamomile flowers.

Skeleton leaves, bay leaves, dried marigold petals (calendula), dried marigold flowers (tagetes), chillis, cloves, cinnamon sticks, orange slices, cloves, whole oranges, star anise & cones available seasonally  - see inside shop.

Dried flower petals - Links to more dried flowers and advice

pot pourri dried flowers shopENTER SHOP to browse catalogue and pay securely.

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