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christmas scented candles

Christmas scented candles overview

Christmas scented candles and home fragrance products to buy online. Our Christmas scented candles include tealights by Bolsius and fir cone shaped wax candles.

Christmas scented candle selection

christmas scented candlesBuy Christmas scented candles by Bolsius. Pack of 6 tealights. Highly  fragranced standard sized nightlights in caramel colour. We think they smell like cinnamon pastries! Supplied boxed. Burning time approx 4 hours.


christmas scented candle cinnamonThese rustic cinnamon candles are unscented but have real cinnamon sticks wrapped around the outside.



Availability varies

christmas scented candlesThese un scented Christmas candles are cleverly shaped (L-R)  as realistic star anise, a white fir cone, and a stack of mini cones. They are gift wrapped in cellophane with a silver bow and come in various sizes.

from 3.99
Availability varies

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