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christmas potpourri making

Christmas pot pourri making advice and ingredients

Christmas potpourri making products to buy online. Christmas potpourri making ingredients such as Christmas fruits and spices - dried orange slices, whole oranges, cinnamon, star anise, cloves and more.

Christmas pot pourri making tips

christmas potpourriPot pourri making is a growing pass-time for people enjoying a more natural lifestyle.
Christmas potpourri is often a spicy, woody mix.
- Try adding ground or whole spices from the kitchen cupboard to your potpourri: cinnamon, star anise, clove or nutmeg.

- Sliced dried citrus are also popular, and cinnamon orange is a popular combination.

- For a winter woodland feel, add pine cones, fern leaves or dried rose hips.

- Try oils such as cinnamon, sandalwood, rosewood and other woody fragrances.

Try these links for more ideas:
General pot pourri recipes, advice & ideas, potpourri FAQ
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A selection of useful Christmas ingredients can be found below:

Christmas potpourri making fragrance oilFragrance oils

Fruity Orange
Cinnamon Orange

Iced Cranberry

and more see inside shop.

christmas potpourri making cinnamonCinnamon sticks
Cinnamon sticks, approx length 15cm each. Not for food use. About 20 sticks in 200g. Supplied in a clear plastic bag.

NOW 25% OFF while stocks last!

Cinnamon sticks 200g
was 3.99 NOW 2.99
Cinnamon sticks 500g
was 6.99 NOW 5.24
Cinnamon sticks 1Kg
was 11.99 NOW 8.99

christmas potpourri making orangeWhole dried oranges
for craft.
Whole dried oranges. These are slit down the sides and have a subtle natural marmalade fragrance.
100g contains 5 or 6 of these small  oranges.
Not for food use.
100g 3.99
500g 17.99
1Kg 33.99

Now also available in green or mixed.

Dried mandarin orange slices for Christmas crafts, subtle marmalade fragrance.

Mandarin slices 3.99 (100g)
Mandarin slices 14.99 (500g)
Mandarin slices 28.99 (1Kg)

Cloves. 100g of this fragrant spice contains about 5 handfuls. Not for food use.
NOW 25% OFF while stocks last!
Cloves was 3.49 100g NOW 2.60
Cloves was 12.99 500g NOW 9.70
Cloves was 23.99 1Kg NOW 17.99

Star anise
Not for food use.
100g contains about 4 handfuls.
100g 2.99
500g 10.99
1Kg 17.99
Oriental spice fragrance.

See inside shop for further Christmas potpourri making ingredients like pine cones (small, large, natural, silver or gold), physalis (chinese lanterns, as available), and cedar roses.

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