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chamomile flower recipe

Chamomile flower recipes for home and cosmetics

Chamomile flower recipes are available in abundance in James Wongs book “A Year with james Wong”. We bought our copy from Amazon for 9.99 (cover price 16.99). It has over 100 recipes for tonics, remedies, cosmetics and household use, and we were pleasantly surprised how many of them required dried chamomile flowers, which we sell in various pack sizes. (These chamomile flower recipes do not include food use.)

Chamomile flower recipes using dried flowers

dried chamomile flowersChamomile flower recipes.
The dried chamomile we sell is Matricaria recutita (syn. M. chamomilla), known as German or blue chamomile which is suitable for all the recipes shown below.

We are concentrating here on recipes for the outside of the body, as our dried chamomile flowers are not suitable for food use.

For each recipe shown below, please refer to James book for full details.

Oat and Chamomile bath bag - tie a sprinkling of dried chamomile flowers with a couple of handfuls of oats into a muslin bag and allow to soak in the bath for 10 mins to allow all the active ingredients to leach into the bathwater. Good for eczema.

Chamomile bath milk - we thought this sounded particularly luxurious! James infuses the dried chamomile flowers into sunflower oil. He discards the flowers and adds a few drops of lavender essential oil. This lavender and chamomile oil can then be used as a soothing skin oil, or as a massage oil. This can be whisked into coconut cream to make a fantastic bath milk. For quantities and full method, see book.

Other recipes we found include: Sugar body scrub with chamomile and marigold petals /
Deep conditioning hair oil for blonde hair / Vinegar hair rinse / Sensitive hand scrub.

We also found some recipes with dried lavender or dried marigolds:
Chamomile & lavender acne steam (note - this recipe uses Roman chamomile not German chamomile flowers), made by adding boiling water to dried chamomile flowers and dried lavender flowers.
Chapped hand scrub with marigold flowers.
Carpet deodorizer - Mix bicarbonate of soda, dried lavender and dried thyme, shake on floor, leave overnight and hoover up (also has disinfectant properties).

Check out James great book for many more recipes, plus further details on the ones shown above, and safety measures.

Chamomile flower recipes - Links to more ingredients & dried flowers

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Many more dried flowers - see dried rose buds, dried rose petals, dried lavender.
Skeleton leaves, bay leaves, dried marigold petals (calendula), dried marigold flowers (tagetes), chillis, cloves, cinnamon sticks, orange slices, cloves, whole oranges, star anise & cones available seasonally  - see inside shop.
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