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buy rose buds

Buy rose buds for pot pourri and craft

Buy rose buds online in a range of colours and pack sizes. Buy rose buds to add a delightful cottage garden appeal to homemade pot pourri. Dried rose buds can also be glued to a base when making wreaths and table centres. Dried rose petals and many other dried flowers also available.

Buy rose buds - selection:

buy rose budsPale pink rose buds in various pack sizes from 50g to 5Kg+, the more you buy, the better the price. These rose buds are naturally air dried, no stem.
Buy rose buds, pink (closed, 50g is about a cup full, enough for a few handfuls, about 90 buds.):
Rose buds pink 4.99 50g
Order 100g for 9.98 get 50g extra FREE!
Rose buds pink 31.99 500g
Rose buds pink 59.99 1Kg
CHEAPER SECONDS QUALITY occasionally available.
Pink rose buds are now available fragranced with either rose fragrance oil (long lasting) or rose essential oil (natural) - see inside shop.

buy rose buds ivoryBuy rose buds ivory:
Tiny rose buds 4.99 50g
Order 100g for 9.98 get 50g extra FREE!
Tiny rose buds 31.99 500g
Tiny buds 59.99 1Kg

Many other colours available.
buy rose buds redBuy rose buds: Tiny (1cm) air-dried red rose buds pictured - these have little or no stem.

Peach colour rose buds are also available to buy seasonally as available, along with many more shades of red and pink..

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pot pourri dried flowers shopENTER SHOP to browse catalogue and pay securely.

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