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Daisy Gifts Ltd

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Buy fragrance oil and home fragrance products online. Try our excellent home fragrance oils  from Daisy Gifts Ltd and Hassett Green, with co-ordinating products - we have a wide selection of popular fragrances such as Hearts & Roses, Lilac & Lavender and many more.
Buy fragrance oil to use in oil burners, or to refresh pot pourri. Or buy fragrance oil to fragrance your own home made pot pourri.

Buy fragrance oil - Daisy Gifts Ltd selection:

buy fragrance oil daisy gifts ltdBuy fragrance oil by Daisy Gifts Ltd.
A new range of fragrance oils to complement our potpourri range,
all 2.39 for a 10ml bottle.
Made for us in the UK

Buy fragrance oil, Choose from:

Sunshine Citrus
English Rose
Cinnamon Orange
Fruity Orange
Woodland Walk
Washing Line
Seaspray Bay

Rather than recommend a fragrance oil, we suggest lavender essential oil for refreshing lavender potpourri.

Buy fragrance oil - Hassett Green selection:

buy fragrance oilBuy fragrance oil by Hassett Green.
We stock their  complete range of fragrance oils, so if there is one you can't find please ask!
All come in a 30ml glass bottle, 3.99 each.

Buy fragrance oil, choose from:
Lilac & Lavender A classic floral fragrance of lavender entwined with a hint of lilac. Developed by Claremont and May a few years ago, this fragrance oil continues to be a hit!
Hearts & roses A sensual, floral fragrance of pink roses sweet night jasmine & violet. Originally developed by Claremont and May as Champagne and Roses.
Full range:
Vanilla Splash  |  Natural Cotton  |  Silk
Honeysuckle & Jasmine  |  Cranberry
Iced Cranberry  |  Lavender Vanilla  |  Strawberry
Enlighten  |  Midnight Spell  |  Sensual Sensuelle
Harmony  |  Apple Blossom  |  Exotica  |  Amber
Black Forest  |  Endless Ocean  |  Summer Raspberry

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More home fragrance products:
Scented wooden balls
Matching pot pourri
Co-ordinating room sprays
Scented candles by Beanpod in many calming, bistro, floral and fruit fragrances.

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