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buy dried lavender

Buy dried lavender and dried flowers for pot pourri making

Buy dried lavender among other dried flowers for pot pourri making. Our dried lavender is sourced from Provence, France and has a good strong scent.

Buy dried lavender flowers selection:

buy dried lavender flowersBuy dried lavender flowers loose or in  bunches.

Our bunches have a natural lavender fragrance and can be snipped into pot pourri, or tied into mini bunches and used as pot pourri toppers (decorative components). Dark blue and pale blue lavender bunches are available in various sizes and pack sizes - see inside shop for details.

buy dried lavender bunchFor example - Lavender bunch 12cm with 10 stems,  subtly naturally fragranced - a lovely pot pourri topper:

Lavender bunch 5 pack or 
Lavender bunch 20 pack

Or a smaller 9cm bunch with 6 stems
10 pack

Check product listings for prices and availability.

buy dried lavenderBuy dried lavender loose - choose from three varieties. 50g is about a cup full.

Our standard Fragrant dried lavender, which is great for pot pourri making as it has a good strong scent.

Fragrant dried lavender (100g)
Fragrant dried lavender (250g) 
Fragrant dried lavender (500g)
Fragrant dried lavender (1Kg - our most popular size, about the size of a football)

See online catalogue for reviews, prices and larger pack sizes!

Also selling Organic lavender - best for aromatherapy mixes. Or Blue lavender, when a pale blue colour is more important than fragrance

See inside shop for current lavender prices!

Buy dried lavender - Links to pot pourri & dried flowers related pages

pot pourri dried flowers shopENTER SHOP to browse catalogue and pay securely.

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